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Spacegreen designs and merchandises innovative artificial trees and greenery and introduces an exclusive collection of decoration items able to make any space stand out. With new age technologies and the use of organic and recyclable materials during production phase, the company presents unique deco ideas for home, hotels, shopping malls, working spaces, exhibitions and any other venue in need of green element.

Based in Singapore, Spacegreen is the international trendsetter in the field of artificial plants and is represented in Southeastern Europe by Abararam.


At Ohject, our people are on a mission:

Travel around the world and hunt for undiscovered furniture and decoration treasures that carry stories worth telling. These objects are unique and made of natural resources by amazingly inspired designers of both past and current times.
They are not ordinary objects; they are living masterpieces with no expiration date. Ohject is a collection of ideas, adventures, stories, art and natural elements exhibited to people like you; people with true taste.

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At Abararam, we design life.

Abararam connects you with the hottest trends in decoration, architecture, production and event design through its innovative products and specialized services.

The exclusive distribution of high-end, international brands and the collaboration with inspired and passionate professionals guarantee the success of your business and will fulfill a sui generis, breathtaking outcome for your project.


Escape Nomade based in Bali, Indonesia, presents the future of the international hospitality industry through a series of custom made, luxury tents made of organic, top quality materials for all weather conditions. Escape Nomade gives you the perspective to develop a tented resort in remote areas and live in style and harmoniously with nature. The company designs and manufactures a signature collection of furniture and decoration items that match perfectly with the tents.

Abararam, as the exclusive distributor of the EN Tents, will assist you from the planning phase to the final installation of your tent.


Simplicity is the new luxury.

Everlasting items and moments live forever.

Strong imagination finally will turn into reality.

Technology and human nature seen as a whole.

Story telling is your compass in the journey of creating.

Happy moments can be created through design-as-an-experience.

Environmental consciousness and customer’s satisfaction come before corporate profit.